Saara Pius

“In today’s culture of short attention spans, these stories are wonderfully soothing. If a child is able to calmly and intently listen/read the stories and travel with their mind, it can even have a therapeutic effect. When I was reading them to my child, I felt that my body was calming down, and my brain was resting and traveling, for example, to the beach or to the forest to pick mushrooms. A calming and also educational reading experience.”

Actress and mother

Marina Paula Eberth

A Breath of the Forest takes us from the online world to the magic of nature. The author’s fresh perspective and vivid descriptions awaken all our senses to observe life inside the earth, on the earth, and above the earth. Enjoyable stories and colorful illustrations arouse interest towards the fantastically rich living environment where trees make art, you can windbathe in cloudy weather, stick your snout into the ground as a wild boar, and experience life as a fish swimming in the water.

MSc in Psychology, Founder and Head of the Holistic Institute

Marje Kotkas

“The various stories of nature in this book have a magical ability of bringing the little readers along to experience the world around us and see it from a slightly different perspective. When reading the stories, you can actually experience the forest together with the characters; you can smell it, hear the sounds of nature, and see the shimmering water surface. The reader gets a fairytale-like opportunity to directly communicate with nature and perceive it with all their senses.”

Teacher at Tallinn German Gymnasium

Mari Jaanus

A Breath of the Forest. Tales of the Forest is definitely not a book for children only. It is full of instructive and wonderful stories, inviting us to notice things that may be difficult to spot in everyday life. They draw attention to what is happening around and inside us and create a wonderful whole of it all.
And how meditative this book is–I read it quietly, focusing on my own voice, or I close my eyes while listening to the audiobook… Those sounds and the pleasantly gentle voice. The feeling of being a wild boar or a sound or seeing a volcano is so real for a moment!”

Mother and blogger