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Lune and Lukas are forest fairies. There are many of their kind, and they live in the forest and on the beach, on the banks of lakes and rivers, and also in the sky.

But how do Lune and Lukas spend their days? They explore nature–plants, animals. They observe and ponder on what they see. Lune and Lukas wish that everyone would know about nature as much as possible, and because of that, they will tell you all about it. They cannot speak with animals, but they understand them without speaking. They understand what the animals think, complain about, or fear by their movements and sounds. Because Lune and Lukas move around unnoticeably and explore everything, they notice many interesting things. They talk about their feelings and thoughts. But as Lune and Lukas have very quiet voices, their stories are narrated by Janek.

If you notice, two butterflies fly alongside Lune, and a frog is peeking out of Lukas’ bag. They always have a friend with them, with whom they explore their surroundings. Friends support you if sometimes you don’t dare to go somewhere or do something. They whisper quietly into your ear that you can handle anything. It should be mentioned that the frog is a bit more curious and courageous than Lukas, so you could see him exploring almost everywhere.

Lune has wings, and she can fly around with her butterflies. Lukas has branches on his head, with which he can hide well in the treetops and climb around easily. Lukas has big ears, with which he can hear even distant voices, and as his ears look like cabbage leaves, he can also hide between cabbages.

Have a nice adventure with Lune and Lukas in our book “Breath of the Forest. Tales of the Forest”