Janek Sarapson, Elina Kirt, Johanna-Iisebel Järvelill, Kaarel Kivikangur, Terje Oim, Eduardo Agni "Sõõm metsaõhku. Metsalood" raamat
Johanna-Iisebel Järvelill "Sõõm metsaõhku. Metsalood" raamatu autor

Johanna-Iisebel Järvelill, author

Others about Iisebel: Iisebel is like the sun, always bright and sparkling, creative, kind, heartfelt, beautiful, gentle, feminine, cheerful, and warm; and willing to share it all with others. She has an unspeakably diligent magic pencil at home that she hid from the sight of others for years in her desk drawer, and she only it used for her own purposes to write beautiful letters. But one day, Elina accidentally saw the magic pencil before Iisebel could hide it. From that day on, a new a period began in Iisebel's life where everything that the pencil wrote down found its way before your eyes. Iisebel is also a good friend of animals and nature, and she wants to share that connection with all of you–both grownups and children.

iisebel@lunelukas.com +3725086261

Terje Oim, project and marketing management

Others about Terje: Those who don’t yet know Terje do not realize what they are missing. How could they? Terje is so versatile and clever; she can create wonderful soy candles, floral waters, and also a book with a whole world inside it. Terje's soft but firm hand guides the entire team that has brought the book to you. She knows what is good and can bring it to everyone. Terje is very productive and bold. For her, it doesn't matter if it's late if there is a will to work. Terje is very warm and understanding. She always tries to find a solution to every question and concern, and she succeeds every time with great success. As if effortlessly.

She is also the biggest animal lover You will meet and makes it her priority in life to help those in need among us.


Terje Oim "Sõõm metsaõhku. Metsalood" raamatu projektijuht
Elina Kirt "Sõõm metsaõhku. Metsalood" raamatu ideeline konsultant

Elina Kirt, creative consultant

Others about Elina: People who meet Elina for the first time seem to all agree–she is the Old Mother Kunks, Emmeliine! She is a little witch who lives in the woods, talks to plants and animals, and makes homemade lotions, salves, herbal teas, and magic ointments. She loves talking to burbling rivers and looking after the plants in her garden. Whenever possible, she will be in the forest, singing and picking flowers, plants, berries, and mushrooms. For over 15 years, Elina has been helping people with psychotherapy and counseling. Only a year ago she still visited people in the city. Now, you have to go to the forest yourself if you want to meet with her to set some goals for yourself and get rid of some burdensome problems. Elina inspirits everyone with her energy. She is like a tiny spark that goes from one to the other, igniting the creativity in every one of them. Her positivity and amiability are a source of support in all activities. Elina is ready for anything that could happen.

Laivi Põder, illustrator

Laivi about herself: I am Laivi, an illustrator from Tartu. I love creating colorful and atmospheric illustrations. Above all, I am fascinated and inspired by everything related to nature, therefore illustrating A Breath of the Forest was very close to my heart. My fondness of children's books arose very early. I enjoyed the feeling of a book being so marvelous that I just wanted to hide myself in its story and pictures. Now, illustrating children's books, I try to create and convey that same feeling. Others about Laivi: an illustrator with a wonderful delicate style. Laivi's drawings brought the stories to life. Her tenderness is showing in all her illustrations that are so lovely in their details. They create a world of their own that you want to step into.

Laivi Põder "Sõõm metsaõhku. Metsalood" raamatu illustraator
Janek Sarapson "Sõõm metsaõhku. Metsalood" audioraamatu hääl

Janek Sarapson, audiobook narrator

Janek about himself: a middle-aged man in his prime who is always accompanied by zest for life, curiosity, and joy of discovery in this visible and invisible world. That’s why I love Antoine de Saint-Exupéry's thought in his book The Little Prince of the most essential things being invisible to the eye–I always try to look at the other side of things and situations… In order to see, you sometimes have to close your eyes and open yourself up to the unknown. That is when the MIRACLE happens! It has happened to me. I wish everyone a wonderful journey on this home planet of ours with wonderful nature and inside your borderless inner space where everything is possible. Others about him: Janek's gentle voice brought the stories to a new level. He knows his voice well, and its deepness makes listening magical. His cheerfulness is truly contagious.

Eduardo Agni, audiobook sound editing

Eduardo is a Brazilian musician and producer who has had a successful career as an innovative guitarist and composer. He has recorded countless works with renowned Brazilian and world music performers. In addition, he has written award-winning music for documentaries, plays, contemporary dance performances, and TV series. Others about Eduardo: Despite the fact that Eduardo does not speak Estonian, he started working on the audio stories right away. His sense of humor is refreshing. It was fascinating to see how he listened to a story told in Estonian, as if understanding it, and immediately found a fitting sound or tune.

Eduardo Agni "Sõõm metsaõhku. Metsalood" audioraamatu salvestanud ja miksinud
Kaarel Kivikangur "Sõõm metsaõhku. Metsalood" raamatu kujundaja

Kaarel Kivikangur, designer

Others about Kaarel: underneath Kaarel's modest shell is a positive, warm, and helpful Kaarel. He is very determined in his work and has a clear vision of how a logo or a design might look like. And that vision is always right.

Artur Paasoja, web developer

Others about Artur: Artur is fast and savvy at IT! In addition to his professional skills, he has a great sense of humor and a chill presence about him. Artur is a very pleasant colleague with whom You can talk about anything.

Artur Paasoja, Lune&Lukas web developer