Book in English “A Breath of the Forest. Tales of the Forest”

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Book which contains short stories that take us from the online world into the enchanting sphere of nature. These various tales have a magical ability of giving the little readers an experience of the world around us from a creative perspective. The origins of these 46 stories can be found in forests, by the seaside, on the terrace, drowsing into sleep, observing nature itself, and occasionally in the words of children. The core essence of these stories is meant to inspire children and bring them closer to nature. And even more precisely, to bring nature closer to those little ones who cannot go there themselves. For those who can, this book will help them see the woods and the rivers from a different and creative perspective. So, the next time they will visit, they will explore their surroundings with deeper curiosity, gathering more wisdom and experiences along the way. The book is illustrated by more than 50 eye-catching pieces of art, meant to make the reading experience even more intriguing for the children.
Author Johanna-Iisebel Järvelill, illustrated by Laivi Põder.
Translator Kelli Püss.


2 reviews for Book in English “A Breath of the Forest. Tales of the Forest”

  1. Sophie

    I can’t get over how beautiful it is

  2. Aiga

    A book that creates a magic and touches the soul. Deep love is around this book.

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